Lekcje Tanga

We invite you to our school all year round, without summer break. Group lessons are regular meetings where we care about the dance development of the participants and have a weekly but not semester form.
Individually or in a group?
During our group lessons, we systematically train our students so that they can perfectly dance both tango, vals and milonga. Group lessons are also a great time to exchange skills with other students and prepare for a good dance at milongas. If you want to learn faster, you can of course also take individual lessons.


Plan zajęć

Cennik zajęć grupowych


Just want to try...

Single entrance


This tango makes me...

4 classes

120 zł

Students (max 26 y.o.)


I go tango!

8 classes

190 zł

Students (max 26 y.o.)


Every day!

Karnet open (4 tygodnie)


Multisport plus and Medicover Sport users - free entrance without additional payments!