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We have been sharing Argentine tango on lessons for over 12 years. We try to convey what is most important to dance the Argentinean tango with pleasure, naturalness and style. We value the individual abilities of each dancer as well as couple contact, embrace and musicality. The advanced classes also feature dynamics of movement, complex combinations and figures.

We also invite you to individual meetings, if you are interested, please contact us!



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Lessons description

Tango od podstaw (tango from the basis) – these are classes where we introduce tango, first steps and everything that is most important.
Tango dla początkujących (beginner level) – these are classes where we teach the basics, but at a later stage, the first steps are already known by the participants, of course we continue to practice them, but there are other topics.
Tango dla średnio zaawansowanych i zaawansowanych (tango for intermediate and advanced) – Intermediate level is a very popular term for classes where participants learn more and more complex elements and connections, but without all the details. We try to grind everything to the full extent and improve it at an advanced level.
Open level – these are classes where we start with something less demanding, but then we start to get going. These are the activities most suited to the participants’ level.

Doskonalenie w partnerstwie (improving in partnership) – these are classes where we especially train the dancers to be masters of contact, great leaders and followers. We practice what is most important in tango. These classes are often called advanced learning.
Milonga – it is a different dance than tango, it is dominated by the African rhythm: habanera. It is faster and very rhythmic.
Vals – this is a different dance than the tango, although we dance it with the same technique, its different rhythm and character requires specific expression.
Małe kroczki na małą przestrzeń (little steps for a small space) – these are classes where we teach steps that are perfect for a crowded milonga.
Tango nuevo – these are classes where we dance to songs other than traditional tango – tango nuevo played like popular music. The nature of the classes is complemented by the dominance of the tango nuevo style – a direction from the end of the 20th century, dominated by open embrace dancing and complexity of elements.
Tango fantasia – on this class we will focus on more advanced topics, also choosen together with the group!




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